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Re: Umberto

Squirrel wrote:

>If you don´t know Umberto you don´t know **** (put your own favorite 

~~~~ I'm genuinely surprised that no one is flaming Squirrel yet for his 
unabashed plugs of TWE.... Points of interest:

1)  Perhaps the Groop is going easy on him due to his... ahem... mental 

B) Perhaps I should hire him as my PR guy. (I mean, he does more PR for 
me now, than I do... and I swear I'm not paying him or asking him to or 

Q)  I don't know whether to be frightened of his enthusiasm or not... I 
mean, *I'm* not even this excited by TWE... 

77) I think he's right up until Umberto kills GROO.  I think GROO would 
just slash and hack and swipe and gash, and Ol 'Berto would ignore him 
until he went away... which would most likely be a very long time. A 
very, very loooong time.

~Nate P.~

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