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Another (Com)Post from TGD.

Oldish Biz:

OOH! Sorry Nate, I really hope I didn't ruin the surprise for you.  I
sometimes forget people have lives & wives & jobs & things, and can't get Groo
the instant it comes out.

Newish Biz:

I just want to clarify the jokes in my sugject line:  Post-Compost-Mulch?  Get


PS:  Does anyone else here ever get the feeling that, on a cosmic scale, he's
just a fisherman with no pants?

PPS:  Who the FLUCK is "Umberto"? Is he some sort of can't-be-slashed guy?
Anyway I don't care who he is Groo would kick his heinie to nova scotia, and
about three miles further.

PPPS: What is the correct spelling of "Heinie"?

PPPPS: I note that TKWSCD is going after my coveted title of biggest PS'er in
the Groop.  Bon Chance to you.

PPPPPS:  You know, I have quite a number of the Groop's funnier emails on
file.  The thing is, I have ALL the emails I ever sent to the groop on file as
well.  I can't remember why I started this practice, but I do it now out of
habit.  Can anyone think of a good reason for me to stop?   

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?