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Re: Groo on tv...?

Who is Joxer? You don't watch Xena, do you? Joxer is Joxer, the Mighty!
Played by Ted Raimi, ( Sam and Ivan Raimi's brother) he is an inept fool
who, in his mind, is a great warrior and hero, but in reality just
screws up a lot. Sound like anyone you know?

All Hail Brak

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---BRYAN SHULTZ <PSYCHO-MAN@webtv.net> wrote:
> Personally, I always thought Joxer was a little closer to being Groo,
> they're boh inept and they both think that they're these great heros.
> Joxer just can't fight, where as, of course, Groo can. --- Bryan

Who is Joxer?
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