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T-Shirt Heaven

Hi Folks!  

100 Groo T-Shirts tucked away in Malaysia!!! Whohooo!!!   Azamin is truly a
great Grooper Trooper!!  (No, I am not conceding to the Large Fish crowd. 
It's just that Azamin made up a great term that makes sense.  Besides, what
did you expect me to say, Groopie Troopie?)  I wonder how many of you will
take advantage of this cache and send kopins to Azamin?  

Hey, I just thought of a Groop award we can add on for next year.  It could
be, I don't know, the Indiana Groo Award for the best Groo "Find".  I
nominate Azamin!!!  

btw, in case anyone was wondering, there are at least 9 Groo t-shirts! 
Plus a10th that has a teeny tiny Groo on it.  

btw2 Nate, the other Groo in Understanding Comics wasn't drawn by Sergio,
so i didn't mention it to Bubble.  

btw3, in the e-mail where I mentioned there are almost 1000 items on the
Groo list, only 155 are actual Groo adventures: 148 comics, 2 graphic
novels, and 5 shorts in other publications.
Anyone deranged enough to want more info can e-mail me.  

take care all -Gary G.