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[Fwd: International Groopad Order Form.]

If you're anywhere else on this big ball of rock and water....
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Reply to and fill out this form by March 14th if you reside outside of
Canada or the US.

Street Address:
Postal Code:

Number of Groopad 1A (Groo & Rufferto) to order:
Number of Groopad 2A (color/monotone combo) to order:
Total number of Groopads:
Amount due in US funds [1) $13, 2) $19, 3) $28, 4) $35]:

Send US money order, US cheque, or US cash to be received by March 22nd

Ruben Arellano
#306 - 1385 Draycott Rd.
North Vancouver, BC
Canada  V7J 3K9

PS:  Don't forget to include a return mailing label with your payment!

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