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Re: Groopies 10, Groopers 7

Ember2218@aol.com wrote:
> Being another of the "midnight tokers", I would have to agree with Chad.
> Although "Guppy" isn't necessaly bad.  or how about "Groper"...

	Well, if you take 'Guppy', make it more Groo-like by say, adding 'Groo'
to it, and it comes out Groopy, and say, 'cause that looks kinda'
strange you change they 'y' to a 'ie' and you get Groopie... VOILA! Any
fool can plainly see that!  And it is so plain, any fool should see it. 
Since I am any fool, and an exceptional 'any' at that, I can see it and
so should every other plain fool out there.  See?

Groopies Unite!