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Re: Groo the Jedi

>First of all I don't think Groo has the "finesse" to block 

If a man can "Sink" a ship in the desert, he has "finesse" enough to 
block a blaster shot.  Besides, it's the force, not the "finesse" 
(otherwise, everyone in the Starwars universe would carry a lightsaber).

>He'd be wading through stormtroopers and battle droids like a knife 
>Cheese Dip. I've always pictured Groo as a shaved Wookie on a killing 
ANY shaved wookie would be mad enough to go on a killing spree (Chances 
are Groo WOULD shave a Wookiee ("...he was hairy...")).  But would the 
censors allow such a scene to be shown in the movie?

>If he'd been a Jedi would he be light side or dark side?
He'd probabley be the orange side.  You know, the side where he would 
try to lift a rock using the force, but unknowingly choke every one 
around him.

>follows Groo around like a cape after a DC or Marvel Superhero, 
Wolverine don't wear no cape bub!

>hand Groo just does what Groo does best, and he's more good than >evil. 
"He's more Groo now than man, dumb with a twisted nose".
He was always more Groo.  When was he NOT Groo.  Did you ever hear of a 
book called "Sergio Aragones'     The Wanderer"?
BTW I can almost see Chakaal posing as Groo's sister, just so he'll 
leave her alone.
                                  -Saad "Rowrrr...howl..aaaaaaa" Azim
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