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Humberto & Groo Plates

Hi Folks!

Squirrel Wrote:
> You have sergio on the brain my mild maneered friend! :)

Well, yeah!  And your point?  

> Just admit it Umberto would whack groo´s ass in  a heart beat, and I´ll
> off the troops, do it not, and I send in the special rodents......

No one can defeat Groo!!!!!!  Bring on your Rodents!!!!  
If this Umberto guy is a mortal who can be sliced with swords, it's all
He would have as much chance against Groo as..as...um..hmm...ah!   As much
chance against Groo as I would have against YOU!  Ha!  You don't know how
badly I just insulted Humberto, Ranger Rick.  My idea of a "self-defense"
course was turning out for Cross Country! (they can't pound you if they
can't catch you)  

> Bodhi sva-ha- ka han-nya shin gyo

and Boogedy-boogedy-boggedy-boogedy-shoop to you!  (thank you, Chubby

Anywho, my wife has once again shown why she is the best wife in the known
universe and that she really loves me and that I am not worthy,  by telling
me I should spring for GROO license plates for my car.  I showed her the
one I bought over ebay and she agreed it looks cool and said "Why don't you
get them for your car?"  Isn't she a dream?  So today I put in for them and
they should be arriving in a couple weeks.

Yes, yes, I know.  That is probably how long my car has to live.  

Now pardon me, I've got to set some boobie trap nuts around the perimeter
of my property.  

Take care all  -Gary G.