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Groo Haiku for You

OK, as any fool could plainly see from my previous e-mails, I had not kept
up on Nate's comic.  Oh, I have them; I just hadn't gotten around to
reading 2-5.  (Sorry, Nate.  Don't feel bad. For about 5 years in the early
90's, I didn't read Groo, I just tossed it in the closet for reading at a
future date when I had more time.)  So I went to Nate's site and also
skimmed TWE 2-5, which I can now find after last week's collection
reorganization.  So now I know who Umberto is.  Umberto is "A hulking
beanie baby bunny, and enforcer for Kip [the devil]", who appearently can
only be stopped if you remove his ears.  .  

Well, Groo wouldn't have any trouble with a supernatural beanie baby minion
of the devil.  Piece of cake! (no offense Nate, but YOU stopped him.)   Oh,
no doubt in slaying him, Groo would cause some unintended catastrophe to
occur.  Like maybe 18 ba-zillion beanie baby beans would spill out (instead
of blood) plant themselves and sprout 18 ba-zillion beanie baby bushes,
which would each produce hundreds of beani babies!  Now that would be a
catastrophe!!   But anywho, I have written a couple haiku's per Squirrel's
request, though not perhaps to his liking:  

Groo meets Umberto
Our Groo does what Groo does best
Beanie beans scattered

Umberto at war
Crosses paths with swords of Groo
Umberto at peace 

Bye for now! -Gary G