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Re: I've got a loverly bunch of coconuts...

>Hey, nate, are they all still available?  How 'bout the first Fiddlehead?

~~~~ Fiddlehead 1 is sold out.  The FIddlehead Xmas Special is almost sold
out.  And I have one copy of TWE4, left. (If Daniel had e-mailed to reserve
it -- like he was supposed to -- he might have been guaranteed to get it...
now he'll just *probably* get it.) Of course, I have 20,000 copies left of
the GROO/Umberto Battle Royale. ; )

~Nate P.~ (That was a joke folks.  There is no crossover, I wouldn't do
that... don't  e-mail me asking about it....)
Nate Piekos       natepiekos@earthlink.net

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