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Capt. Monkey-pants

Ya know, I got to thinking about that whole "Groo the Jedi" thing, and
realized that there are an infinite number of things Groo could be a
part of. How about Groo Trek, or Groo Raider, perhaps Groo on the Planet
of the Apes ("Groo did it, Groo finally did! Groo blew it up! Damn Groo
all to hell!), Rocky Horror Picture Groo, Indiana Aragones and the
Raiders of the Lost Art. Even Jackie Chan's Groo the Wanderer, Evil Dead
II: Groo by Dawn, Indiana Aragones and the Temple of Groo, Groo Runner,
Back to the Grooture (yeah I know), Groo Fiction, Groorassic
Park,Independence Groo, Indiana Aragones an the Last Groosade (you had
to have seen that comin') Groolander, and Chakaal : the Vampire Slayer.
The possibilities are endless. 
---Bryan "I have no life" Shultz

All Hail Brak