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Re: Groo the Jedi

Cheese Dip...

At 08:27 12.03.99 PST, you wrote:
>>First of all I don't think Groo has the "finesse" to block 
>If a man can "Sink" a ship in the desert, he has "finesse" enough to 
>block a blaster shot.  Besides, it's the force, not the "finesse" 
>(otherwise, everyone in the Starwars universe would carry a lightsaber).

Finesse is definetely a part of it, otherwise any New Age hippie with a yoga
class in his recent pass would walk around deflecting blaster shots. We
wouldn't have that would we? Actually I believe finesse is a major part of
being a jedi, I think it's required to become initiated.

>>follows Groo around like a cape after a DC or Marvel Superhero, 
>Wolverine don't wear no cape bub!

Bub? Is that short for Beelzebub?

>>hand Groo just does what Groo does best, and he's more good than >evil. 
>"He's more Groo now than man, dumb with a twisted nose".
>He was always more Groo.  When was he NOT Groo.  Did you ever hear of a 
>book called "Sergio Aragones'     The Wanderer"?

It was a bad joke o.k.? You know "He's more machine now than man, twisted
and evil"... or "He's more bird now than man, feathery and with a beak" or
"He's more hamster now than man, fury and cute".

The question is not whether Groo could be a Jedi or not, it is if Grooella
would make a good Empress...

as always
I'm that silly Knight Who Says Cheese Dip

P.S. Cheese Dip

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