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I just want to give some comments "behind the scenes" where the votes are
being counted as they come in that it is a really exciting final spurt in
the voting. In two catagories we have two equal as #1 and in two other
catagories there are more than one that lie plus minus 1 from each other at
the top!! Only in one or two catagories has the winner as good as broken
the goal-line! As for the Grooper/Groopie (and sorry, Midnight-toker/Groid
(or whatever)) status you'll just have to wait and see! ;-) So everybody
out there who haven't voted yet (are we 1000 in the Groop? That means that
about 966 of you haven't voted), if you have a vote, go and make it! And
remember that you can vote for only one catagory if you don't have an
opinion in all!

Quote of the moment

If you can keep your head when all about you are losing
theirs, obviously you have no conception of the magnitude of
the problem.