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Adm. Gorilla Shoes

What's fiddlehead?  I'm not missing out on any Space Sheep am I ?  Just so you
know, I asked that last question with an inscrutible smile on my face.  

Nate: 'sokay? 'sokay. 'sallright?  'sallright.

I think the quality of the humor on this list is rising.  Not that it was
*ever* bad, but in the last coupla' days, there has been some really funny
stuff. E.G. I liked Gary's second haiku a lot, and if not for the words "Groo"
and "Umberto"  I would have thought it a real one. Then there was Bryan's Groo
movie titles.  I actually laughed aloud.

Don't anyone flame me for this but I NEVER REALLY LIKED STAR WARS........


PS Nine pairs of shoelaces.

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?