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Groo as a Jedi

I personally think that Groo would make a good jedi.  Some more movie titles
could be:  Star Wars: A Groo Hope, The Empire Strikes Groo, and so on.  That's
all I can think of right now.

Jacob S.

PS.  Take a peek at my e-mail address.

PPS.  How can someone not like Star Wars?

PPPS.  I'm just making up stuff to fill up PSs.

PPPPS.  I don't think I can do this anymore.

PPPPPS.  What's the record for PSs?

PPPPPPS.  I like Star Wars, yet I won't go see Wing Commander just for the

PPPPPPPS.  I knew that Wing Commander would be a cheesy movie.

PPPPPPPPS.  I mean, it's based on a video game for cryin' out loud!

PPPPPPPPPS.  I think I'll stop now.