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Re: Dark Horse Logo by Aragones?

On Sat, 13 Mar 1999 13:56:29 -0500, Slaubau@IPFW.EDU (Slaubaugh,Mike)

>Has anyone noticed that most of the Dark Horse issues illustrated by 
>Aragones (excluding Louder Than Words), has a different logo than other 
>issues by Dark Horse.  The logo is a "grinning" horse instead of a 
>"serious" horse.  It even looks like Sergio might have created the 
>"grinning" horse logo for his and Mark's various Dark Horse endeavors.  
>Any insight, Mark?  

ME: Yes, Sergio did his own horse for the logo.

I don't think it's been announced yet but Dark Horse will soon be
putting most of its creator-owned titles under a new imprint -- the
"Maverick" line.  Each of them will have the individual artist doing
his own version of the Dark Horse logo.  Our future projects will be
under this imprint.
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