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Need Help: Dark Horse Extra #10

Help needed!  Aragones has contributed a "Pantomimes" strip (each 
headed by the same Aragones mime self-caricature in the title box) to 
the following issues of the full color Sunday comics style fanzine 
called Dark Horse Extra:

#4:  Pantomimes strip on back cover, Day of the Dead poster inside
#5:  Pantomimes strip on front cover PLUS an additional Aragones self-
caricature (reading Dark Horse Extra) in the upper right hand corner.
#6:  Pantomimes strip and additional Aragones self caricature in upper 
right hand corner (same as #5) on front cover, cover of G&R #1 and 
cover of Groo trade paperback on page 3.
#9:  Pantomimes strip on front cover, cover of G&R #4 on page 3.  
#10: Pantomimes strip on front cover.

[Ruben, please note for Sergiography!]

Question for the Groop:  my local comic shop does not get every issue 
of Dark Horse Extra.  Therefore, does anybody know if Aragones 
contributed a Pantomimes strip or anything else to the issues not 
listed above:  #1, #2, #3, #7, and #8 (#7 and #8 should at least have 
the covers of G&R #2 and #3, but what about Pantomimes)?

Any information is appreciated!  THANKS!

Dr. Slaubaugh - aka Mike S.