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Eagle-Eye Mike, etc.

Hi Mike & Everyone Else!

Wow, Mike, great job spotting the Sergio Dark Horse Symbol.  As someone who
constantly scans Sergio work for tiny Groos, I can appreciate your spotting

I haven't kept track of which Extras have Sergio's work because the ones
that do have not had Groos in them.  But I will check with my Comic book
shop, which has gotten them all,and see what I can figure out.  I do think
he has only been in the five you listed.  I'm almost positive he wasn't in
#7 & #8 and I as I sit here thinking and writing and the time, it seems to
me he wasn't in the first few.  (Thinking and writing at the same time is
very difficult for a Groo fan). 

Re:  Groo as a Jedi:  Who would try to train him?  And if someone did, they
would be dead within hours.  No, Yoda would simply tell Groo that he was a
Jedi without training him and tell him he must go over to the Dark Side and
help the Empire as much as he can.  That would result in the Destruction of
the Empire.  Maybe.  If Yoda was really lucky.     

Take care all -Gary G.

PS to Mike:  You should be glad that Repi guy from Spain out bid you for
the Pacific Poster.  I'll bet you can find one for a whole lot less $100.
Try putting an ad in the CBG.