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Groo Poster

Gary wrote:  

>I haven't kept track of which Extras have Sergio's work because the 
>ones that do have not had Groos in them.  

Not original nor hidden Groos at least, since #6 and #9, and I assume 
#7 and #8, do have Groos from the reprinted covers of G&R #1 to #4 and 
the Groo trade paperback.  

>But I will check with my Comic book shop, which has gotten them 
>all,and see what I can figure out.  I do think he has only been in the 
>five you listed.  

Anything you can find out would be great, Gary (even if it's just a 
confimation that Aragones did not appear in those issues)!  I seem to 
remember (like yourself) that #4 was the first issue with Pantomimes, 
but would still like that confirmed.  If you DO happen to find 
something in one of those five issues (#1-3, #7-8) at your comic book 
shop, please grab me a copy!

>PS to Mike:  You should be glad that Repi guy from Spain out bid you 
>for the Pacific Poster.  I'll bet you can find one for a whole lot 
>less $100. Try putting an ad in the CBG.  

I bought all my Groo issues off the newsstand from the start with  
Pacific #1 (i.e., never paid more than cover price), got the Epic, 
Image, and Dark Horse posters for free, got the statue for half price, 
purchased the Groo miniatures from Wolfgang before he put them on eBay, 
etc.  Combine the money I saved there with the fact that the Pacific 
poster is the only mainstream US item missing from my Groo collection 
(and I've never ran across one in 15 years of collecting Groo)...in 
short, I didn't mind splurging on the poster although I was ultimately 
outbid!  I've never seen Repi bid on anything else related to Groo so 
I'm not sure in the interest he had in the poster, but to the victor go 
the spoils!  

Mike S.

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