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Re: Groo Poster

>>PS to Mike:  You should be glad that Repi guy from Spain out bid you 
>>for the Pacific Poster.  I'll bet you can find one for a whole lot 
>>less $100. Try putting an ad in the CBG. 

I did a different tactic, Mike... I contcted the guy selling the poster.
Cause after a $100, it was no longer in my interests.  So happened that his
friend had one all folded up and stored away... nice, clean & very sweet.
And since his friend isn't an Ebay user... there was no bidding and it was
a whole hell of a lot cheaper!!!

The CBG is a good place.

I think that's another thing that i'll build on groothewanderer.com, is a
'classified adds' section for strictly groo stuff.

Dr. Clarke - aka SAC
Shane A. Clarke
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