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non-groo, toot my horn

Well, this is a non-groo message, so if you want to, you can delete it now.
I just wanted to toot my own horn a little. Last night, I began "The
Journey, Book Two" after having finished the first book. I'm proud that
I've gotten this far on this self-imposed project. Book one is an 88-page
cartoon book of my recent journey through life. Since it's essentially my
journal in cartoon form, it'll never be seen by anyone other than two
people who are instrumental in my growth process. The books will be an
ongoing series, since I plan to keep growing throughout my life. I just
wanted to tell you guys (northen for "y'all") that I am working on my
cartooning and I am proud to have achieved this milestone. I may post a
page or two to someone's web site, or maybe even to mine if I get it put
together. Thanks for indulging me. Now back to your regularly scheduled

Groopies Unite! (Power to the people, man.)