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Re[2]: Groo Poster

Thanks for the advice, Shane!  However, it turns out that a friend of 
mine in Tennessee saw that I was outbid on the poster and checked a few 
local comic book shops to see if any had one laying around.  The last 
one he went to had the poster in near mint condition and picked it up 
for free (it was at the bottom of bin with over 100 other freebie 
promotional posters and flyers, but this was the only Groo).  I still 
wouldn't mind getting a second copy of the Pacific poster for my office!

Mike S.

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Subject: Re[2]: Groo Poster
Author: Shane Clarke <sac@foolarchy.com>
Date: 3/13/99 2:36 PM

>>PS to Mike:  You should be glad that Repi guy from Spain out bid you 
>>for the Pacific Poster.  I'll bet you can find one for a whole lot 
>>less $100. Try putting an ad in the CBG. 

I did a different tactic, Mike... I contcted the guy selling the poster.
Cause after a $100, it was no longer in my interests.  So happened that 
his friend had one all folded up and stored away... nice, clean & very 
And since his friend isn't an Ebay user... there was no bidding and it 
a whole hell of a lot cheaper!!!

The CBG is a good place.

I think that's another thing that i'll build on groothewanderer.com, is 
'classified adds' section for strictly groo stuff.

Dr. Clarke - aka SAC
Shane A. Clarke
Brave enough for a Lan Party?
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