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Extras, Poster, "Mainstream" Items

Hi Folks!

Well, I had to go to my comic shop for some boards and I remembered to
check the Dark Horse Extras.  They had at least one of #4-#10 and also
remembered Sergio wasn't in the first 3.  I don't count the little tiny ads
showing the covers of upcoming Groo publications as Groo appearances, so
for me none of the Extras have a Groo appearance. Although the Day of the
Dead mini-poster (repeated as a wrap around cover of the comic) in #4 is
way cool!  

Anywho, other than those listed by Mike S, there is nothing else Sergio
except that #7 has the Sergio reading Extras in the corner one more time.  
Mike, congrats on the Pacific Poster.  I'm sure there are others to be had
for folks who have it on their "Must find one" list. It's the kind of item
"pack rat" comic store owners might have tucked away if they have been
around long enough.  Sometimes to folks like me, of course, a Groo in the
hand is worth a bunch of Groos tucked away somewhere.  

But I was curious about your reference to "mainstream" Groo items. 
Obviously there are many Groo appearances and some Groo items that only me
and a few other wacked-out folks care about.  But I'm not sure I could draw
a clear line between what I thought was mainstream and what was more on the

As for Groo appearances, I would consider any publication in which Groo is
the main Cover subject to be a must.  Although one could argue whether
being in the cover of a limited distribution publication like The Telegraph
Wire or a comic convention program is the same as being on the cover of the
CBG or Shadis.  Also some of the one-page Groo Pin-ups Sergio has done in
other comics would be on my "must have" list under any circumstances.  

As for items other than publications, I guess you can distinguish between
the Graphitti Designs Mass market T-shirts  and limited edition T-Shirts
like the Groo Game and convention T-Shirts.  But, heck they are still
T-Shirts!!!  And then there are various limited edition prints and posters
and stickers and the video interview and the recent really cool clothing
Like I said, I don't know where to draw the line.  

So I don't.  

Take care all -Gary G.