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Fwd: Re CAM, Fanimecon

Hi guys/grrls!

Forwarded msg below:

>Stopped by the CAM today and found them setting up
>an exhibit of Barks, Aragones, Arriola, and Messick.
>Only a few Barks pieces and most are prints, but
>they have a Pied Piper pencil drawing and Mark Cohen's
>Barks self portrait. Some three dozen Aragones pieces.
>One page showed some 4 or 5 Mad Marginals on one letter
>size piece of paper.  The reception will be sometime
>around WonderCon and the exhibit will stay up til end of
>April or May. Disney villains coming this summer.

See you.


Ps.  If you has not voted for "midnite tokers", then
you has erred ...
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