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Re: Humberto & Groo Plates

You got that Nate??? You better damn well get to work on it!! We all know
you wanna do it!!!

>I detect a Gold-Foiled, Nude, 1 out of 100, 3D Prismatic "Groo vs. Umberto"
>one shot here!?!?!

Oh, Gary..........
Now you have done it, three a-teams have been deployed mister. You will
regret this. My troops have orders to violate your groo´s mister, they will
spray paint umberto´s all over them, and then..... (you´ll all be asleep
when they strike...) you will Umberto tattooed on yer forehead, same with
your family, but, they will have I love Umberto... Groo Bites tattooed. Then
you will be awkened, and forced to watch Groo ( yes we have taken him...
cheesedip trap) and Umberto( don´t ask how we managed to get him...) fight
to the death...... even though Nate has abandoned his creation like a petty
god ,( he admitted groo would whack him) and then you´ll see the
truth....(plus with three special forces squirrel teams workin´ against
groo.....) we may have a chance, but in the end it will over for the
dessessbo´s collection, and a moral victory for the Followers Of Umberto´s
Love aka FOUL..... you will learn mister!!!
wait nooooooo!!!! gary is
evil.................eviiiiiillllll...........*toik* oohhh flowies!!
Bodhi sva-ha- ka han-nya shin gyo