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Hall of Mendicants

Had another thought about the future Hall of Mendicants hosted at my new 

If we had quirky bios of the list regulars, it would be a good resource 
for newbies.  How many mailing lists have a preparation text?!  Also, it 
could be the yellowpages for the groop.  Have everybody's e-mail address 
there... so if you want to send someone persoanl e-mail, and you just 
can't remember their address... tada.. just go to the HoM!  I'd also 
like to do pictures of everybody.  Those that are on the Guess the 
Grooper, would be great... those that aren't, would you be averse to 
e-mailing me a scanned picture of yourself? (or if you can draw, send me 
an illustration (NOT YET!!! NOT YET!!! I'll let you know.) (Shane, I'll 
make an exception on the photo for you, but that means I get to draw 
something funny/bizarre.)  

For listing on the HoM, I think the criteria should be, "You have to 
post at least once a week."  Because we just can't list *everybody*...  
I just don't have that kinda time.

SO, whaddayathink?

~Nate P.~ Any more ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Nate Piekos              natepiekos@hotmail.com

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