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Water will down will water will flow

All the stuff some have mentioned they want in the HoM is available on the
many Groosites in many languages around the world.  It would be redundant &
time-intensive (!)  to list it all again.  The way to go about it is just have
a link to the grooper's website (if any) right under his mug.

Which gives me an idea for a new Groo project:  Groo mugs!  I'll see what I
can do from here...Others may want to try it too, in case I can't deliver.
The question is:  Is Groo's face the first thing ANYBODY (excluding Gary
Dessesbo) wants to see in the morning?

On the same note, I urge anyone that hasn't ordered a Groopad to do so.  I
just id (5 min ago!) because I have had the horrible experience of not buying
something when I could have, and later kicking myself because it became
unavailable.  This would have been 10e12 (a trillion) times worse because I
want a complete Groo collection, and Groopads are going to be the rarest &
hardest Groo item to come buy.  This is becauise 1)  There are VERY few,
comparitivly.  and 2) Because they are being sold exclusivly on the Groop, to
people who aren't going to want to sell them, ever.  Oh, yeah:  I've already
requested a reminder as to the address to send Groopad payment to, but who do
I make the check out to?

So, I get to be a famous mendicant if I post more than once a week, huh?  What
if I post more than once a minute? Anywho, I gotta prob (read on! read on!): I
have two candidates for my HoM picture.  A picture of me now, or a REALLY cute
pictue of an infant TGD.  I'll leave it to the Groop to vote.  What say you?

Fennel Rocks!


PS: PPS: PPPS: PPPPS:  (ad infinitum)

PS infinity:  "infinitum" is pronounced in-fin-IGHT-um.

PS infinity + 1:  I now hold the unbreakable "PS" record.  So there.

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?