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Re: Last Votes!!!

>>You just made it, the final day today (c: The voting will close at
>>midnight.. or something like that. Since we are spread all over the globe
>>I'll postpone the closing untill after the last midnight of this day on
>>this planet... got that? ;-)
>when does midnight last happen?  Is the 15th or the 14th the final day? we
>don't have to vote again, do we?  I kinda missed a lot in there too.

Last day is the 15:th which is today in most of the world right now. Last
time for voting will be at 12 GMT (mid-day in England) the 16th beacuse at
that hour the clock strikes midnight in Eniwetok which is located in the
last time zone (-12).

..or if the maths is a problem just try and vote.. if you get an
errormessage than it was to late!

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