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Re: Hall of Mendicants

>I'd like to see: a FAQ, definitions (remember defining mulch in every
>possible language?), bios (w/ email, ICQ, & URL listings), Gary's Groo
>lists for the Dessesbo (since he doesn't have a site), and links to
>all our side projects (mousepads, round robins, the awards, Fan Pic,
>TWE <plug!>, the groo pages: groo.com etc), & links to Groo resources
>(Dark Horse site, ebay, other retailers with Groo stuff). Maybe an mp3
>of that Groo song? Plus I think a few cheese dip recipes would be in
>order... and perhaps some mulching tips?

~~~~ Thanks Chad, but let's remember one thing.  I don't intend the Hall 
of Mendicants to be a GROO site, it's a GROOP site.  So the FAQ's would 
have to be stuff like "What do I do to unsubscribe?" of course the 
answer would be... "DON'T POST IT TO THE LIST!!!!!"   The bios, 
(w/ICQ's/e-mail/URL's) is a must.  Gary's Groo list is out (sorry Gar) 
but if it's online somewhere, I can link to it from Gary's Bio.  The 
Groop Sideprojects can be under links, yes....and the groo resources are 
good too! The Groo song is out, no sense putting it on my site when Josh 
already has it... Unirabbit's cheesedip recipes could be linked from her 
bio.... no mulching tips....

~Nate P.
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