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Re: Hall of Mendicants

>~~~~ Thanks Chad, but let's remember one thing.  I don't intend the Hall 
>of Mendicants to be a GROO site, it's a GROOP site.  So the FAQ's would 
>have to be stuff like "What do I do to unsubscribe?" of course the 
>answer would be... "DON'T POST IT TO THE LIST!!!!!"   The bios, 
>(w/ICQ's/e-mail/URL's) is a must.  Gary's Groo list is out (sorry Gar) 
>but if it's online somewhere, I can link to it from Gary's Bio.  The 
>Groop Sideprojects can be under links, yes....and the groo resources are 
>good too! The Groo song is out, no sense putting it on my site when Josh 
>already has it... Unirabbit's cheesedip recipes could be linked from her 
>bio.... no mulching tips....

Garys Ultimate Groo List will be on groothewanderer.com, soon enough. 

Dr. Clarke - aka SAC
Shane A. Clarke
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