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Re: Humberto & Groo Plates

Demon Squirrel Wrote:

> Oh, Gary..........
> Now you have done it, three a-teams have been deployed mister. You will
> regret this. My troops have orders to violate your groo´s.......[blah,
blah, blah]

Ha! and double Ha!  I defy you and your rodent minions!  He who tries to
strike fear in the forces of Groo will strike out!  I have now organized
the local Chipmunk Militia and mobilized the Mole Patrol.  Though not
trained professionals like your squirrels, they will be fighting on their
home ground, or in the case of the moles, under their home ground, and thus
have a distinct advantge.  They are amazingly resouceful.  You'd be
impressed with the way the chipmunks first eat their walnut rations, then
convert the shells to helmuts and body armor!  (Plus, they are soooo cute
in the little uniforms my wife made for them.)  Ah, and the moles!  Masters
of subteranian subtrefuge, they are planting mulch land mines everywhere,
made from  leftover fireworks and last month's salad bar.  We've also set
up some cheese-dip ack-ack guns to knock any squirrel paratroopers out of
the sky in a hideous ball of gray fur and yellow goop!   And we have
surrounded Grossmann Acres with razor wire decorated with dozens of
headless beanie baby bunnies just for spite.  

Meanwhile, in Grossmann Manor, aka "The Bunker", we are ready for an all
out onslaught.  The complete Groo collection is ready at a moment's notice
to be hurtled into a deep protective shelter dozens of yards beneath the
ground surrounded by my own special concoction of reinforced mulch and
cheese dip.  

And the spray paint would not work anyway.  I have sprayed my statue with a
special silicone based protectant that causes paint and everything elese to
just slide right off.  I wish I hadn't busted that one can though. 
Everything is slicker than snot around
here......ahhhh.....ooops....[crash].   Ouch, slipped gain.  

Well, I gotta go.  Time to check the perimeter and give a pep talk and some
roasted peanuts to the troops!  .  Bye for now -Gary "Under Siege"