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Re: Groo Cards - M.E.

On Sun, 14 Mar 1999 15:04:40 -0800, Shane Clarke <sac@foolarchy.com>

>All right Mr. M.E.:
>I need cards #131 and #141.
>I have 2 extra #19s. (the most sacred card of all!)
>Do we have a trade?

ME: Absolutely.  Send 'em in.

Right now, I have extras of every one of the regular GROO cards  --
#1-153 -- except #19.  If anyone has any extras of #19, please send
them in.  You'll make some Groo fan happy.

If anyone needs a few cards to complete a set, send me a stamped,
self-address envelope and your list and I'll send you the cards you
need.  You do not have to send in any cards if you don't have extras.

The only exception to this is with #19.  If you need that one, you go
to the bottom of the pile.  And also, I don't have any IMAGES OF GROO
cards available.

The address is below.

Mark Evanier's e-mail address is: me@evanier.com
363 S. Fairfax Ave., #303 - Los Angeles, CA 90036