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Sorry Shane, for mistaking you.  I don't save the unfunny emails from the
Groop, so I couldn't look up who was complaining.  I really don't know why I
associated your name with netiquette.  

Actually, I had always pronounced infinitum "een-FI-nee-tum" b/c it looks just
like "infinity", and that is pronounced such. However, whenever anyone on
television or in the movies pronounces it they say "in-fin-IGHT-um".  I played
the .wav on my bookshelf CD and it does too.  So I was just trying to save
Groopers (GROOPERS) the embarassment that has haunted me my entire life.

What the heck does "Aquila non captat muscas" mean?  Something to do with a
bird, right?

Wow!  An entire paragraph on the pronunciation of "infinitum".  How much did
you guys milk the sight/site/cite thing for?

Well, now I gotta go do a lot of *stuff* I don't want to do.  See ya.

-TGD (who seems to be apologizing a lot these days)

PS:  I AM TOO VERY SCARY!  Right Mommy? 
PPS: My Mommy says "Of course, dear."

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?