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Re: Retraction

> Actually, I had always pronounced infinitum "een-FI-nee-tum" b/c it looks just
> like "infinity", and that is pronounced such. However, whenever anyone on
> television or in the movies pronounces it they say "in-fin-IGHT-um".  I played
> the .wav on my bookshelf CD and it does too.  So I was just trying to save
> Groopers (GROOPERS) the embarassment that has haunted me my entire life.

	I'd like to clarify this a bit, if I may. I replied TGD in private
about the correct Classical Latin pronunciation of "een-FI-nee-tum". But
wanting to reply all his Groop email in one message he replied to me, too,
via the list. But yes, Hollywood pronunciation is incorrect :)

> What the heck does "Aquila non captat muscas" mean?  Something to do with a
> bird, right?

	"An eagle doesn't capture flies." A deeply symbolic sentence and
more importantly something which forces people to write me back asking for
its meaning. (My signature used to be "Mike - The Finnish Trekkie" but
since I decided that I didn't have to announce my nerdishness to just

Mike Pohjola				       "Aquila non captat muscas."
Kupittaank. 45 as. 9, 20700 Turku, Finland   mikep@iki.fi  +358-50-5238399