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Re: Netiquette.

>No you are not the butt of an obscure joke (unless you have a large butt.
>Then you'd be the "butt" of a lot of jokes).  You have complained or
>on several occaions that people send a lot of "little" or "one-line" emails,
>instead of one large one.  This is to what I am reffering.  I can understand
>your concern of course, because NO ONE wants to upset TGD. Bwaa haaa haa

OKAY... OKAY... Time to clarify something here... That was not me!!!!!! And
if it was
then I apologize, but I'm 94.7% sure it wasn't I. For I could care less.. I
love email
in fact!!!! Some one dredge up an old email that says I'm the culprit!!!! I
want to shake
this bum rap I've aquired!