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bum wraps & complaining

On Sun, 14 Mar 1999, The Grossmanns wrote:

> Dan: 	I hate to break it to you, but you're just not a scary guy
> Also, I don't think Shane's the guy who suggested fewer multiple posts by
> the same person in a given day.  That was Kevin and it's a good suggestion,
> even if I don't follow it all the time.  
> Also, I've met Shane and he has a small butt.

Are there special blankets just for bums? And Gary is right, Daniel, it 
was me that was "complaining". However, I wasn't trying to be a wet 
blanket. Like Shane, I also enjoy the piles of posts the Groop trades, 
but not everyone does. As I said in my orig. "netiquette" post, I think 
we just need to keep a lid on ourselves from time to time. There are a 
lot of folks in the Groop, like Mark, who enjoy SOME of the antics, but 
would prefer *some* sort of self control. (You may holler at me for 
speaking for you Mark, but you did seem to make that pretty clear in the 
past). I was just trying to keep 300 posts a day from happening with a 
single line to 8 different people. Somebody had to say it, and since I 
figured the worst that could happen to me was getting caught in Demon 
Squirrel & Gary's crossfire :) I took the plunge! (Good luck, Gary! If 
there's anything I can do to help strengthen "the Bunker", just let me know).

> About babies:  Babies are noisy poop machines and many of them look like
> Alfred Hitchcock or Charles Laughton.  Except mine of course, who were the
> most beautiful creatures God ever put on this earth.  (That is, until I
> have grandchildren)    

VERY good call, Gary. I'd heard Alfred before, but I think Charles 
Laughton is even better!!

Shane: you should feel exhonerated (sp?) now even if you do have a small 

Nate, Magnus, Lia: while on the road, I *am* still monitoring my mail (as 
any fool...). So, holler if there's something I need to know.