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Re: Groopies 10, Groopers 7

Only because someone brought it up...

Heinie, is more correctly spelled hinny (the offspring of a stallion and a
she-ass), from the Greek hinnus. That was from Webster's, so don't flame
me for using an obscenity. Also, is is more correctly pronounced hin
(rhyming with him) eee (rhyming with eee). The plural of hinny is hinnies.
However, in one panel of Calvin & Hobbes, Susie Derkins remarks to Calvin,
as they ae on their way to the principal's office "Girl's have more
delicate heinies than boys." (which, by the way, is true), so who the heck
cares how you spell it. And who would have thought I would have spent a
whole paragraph about people's rear-ends?

Oh well....

Love, from,

Unirabbit, Spreader of tons of Mulch

Willie wrote:

> ---Ralph Plowman <were.ralph@virgin.net> wrote:
> >
> > Or, for maximum 'O' effect, how about Groo-oids?
> >
> > Can anyone get 4 'o's together?
> Groo-oids? I think those are the sores I get on my hinnie from sitting
> around reading back issues of Groo.
> Time to get the Preperation H and read some more!
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