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My Ebay treasures for the week..

I scored myself another Epic Illustrated #27.

I also scored "How-To-Draw Tips from the Top Cartoonists". This is a
How-To-Draw book from 1982.

I got this book, because it brings me one step closer to "Ultimate
Sergio-ness"... But, to my suprise, there are some other great artists in
here giving tips. And M.E. will back me up on these names!

Lets see:
opening up right away was Sergio Aragones (nothing needs to be said!)
Bill Melendez (if this is not Sergios Brother... then I am a naked nun!!!)
Bill Keane (who hasn't read "The Family Circus"?)
Dan Spiegle (Hello!?!?! Does anyone remember Captain Caveman?)
Pat Boyette (Is this person Male or Female? Right M.E.??? :-) 
Mort Walker (Come on people... are you that young? Mort Walker - BEETLE
Mike Grell (his best book, I.M.H.O., "Green Arrow - Long Bow Hunters)

Then there's a page with about 20 or so 'plugs' from people like: Richard
Hescox, John Pound, Gorden Kent, MARK EVANIER, STAN SAKAI and even Jack

So for me, it's a steal, well worth the $18.25 I paid. That was almost the
entire Groo Crew, minus Tom Luth!!!! 

Another email about this to follow!!! Stay tuned!!!

Dr. Clarke - aka SAC
Shane A. Clarke
Brave enough for a Lan Party?
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