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Re: My Ebay treasures for the week..

My copy is an "update" (or whatever you call it), copyright 1982 & 1988. 
All the Sergio stuff is the same and he has dated some of the art 1981.  At
least one artist, Larry Marder, has dated his art 1988, so it is "new" and
not in Shane's version (I guess) .  I cannot find the Mark & Stan art, so I
guess that got edited out of the newer version (The Bozos!)  Shane, what
page is it on?  

Re: Writers & Sergio:  Sergio has always worked with a writer when the work
is not wordless, if I correctly understood what I have read.  Even when he
is not the artist and he is the writer, like in Batlash, he works with
someone to put his stories into straight English, which is, afterall, his
third language.  Is this correct Mark, or am I all screwed up?

Take care all -Gary G.