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Malaysian Groo T shirt

Hi everybody.

Those Groo T shirts are with me  now, so you can start to make/post the
payment to me.
1 shirt = US$10.00
2 shirts  = US$18.00

After making your payment, you must e-mail me to indicate that you've
make the payment so that I can post your T shirts. ( I trust you all)

This is my address
Azamin Zainol Abidin
#9 Jalan Tebing Tiga 8/8C
Section 8
40000 Shah Alam

The Malaysian Grooper, the Groo trooper.

ps.   FaygoGroo@aol.com - Please give me the number of shirt you want
and  your  address to me also.

pps.    ReddingJM@aol.com -  Can I have your address.  If not I can't
send your shirt.