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Wordy! Wordy!

I went to one of my comic shops yesterday, and bought some "PLOP!"s because I
learned on Ebay that Sergio did some major work for it.  Anywho, I was talking
to the Comic Guy about "PLOP!" and what it was all about. Here is a
paraphrased transcript of our conversation:

H > "You know, I think Overstreet [Comic Price Guide] really underlists
'PLOP!', because it's a really great source of Basil Wolverton work."  

M > "You know, I'll be honest with you, I don't know who that is.  I just buy
it because Sergio Aragones did some work for it."   

H > "You're not that Sergio fanatic who comes in here looking for really
esoteric Aragones work, are you?'"  

M >  "I might be, what did this guy ask for [I had had the guy keep an eye out
for Smoke house Five]?"  

H > "Some tiny little ad in a 'Fanzine' from the '70's." 

M >  "Nope, that wasn't me".  

H > "is your name RUBEN?".

Now, is that a coinkydink or what?  Our resident Master Sergiographer has a
counterpart in NYC. 

On a similar note, I am afraid the Dessesbo bug may bite me.  I'm getting
further & further from Sergio's work on Groo.  I may soon start craving every
issue of MAD he ever worked on, which is OK because my MAD collection takes up
half my room.  I don't want to end up like someone we know with the initials
Gary Grossman.  How do I stop myself? [Just so you know, I collected MAD
before I ever heard of Sergio or Groo, because it was funny.]

Groop Guys:  How rare are these T-shirts?  Are they the 'normal' kind that
were produced during Groo's issuance?

PS: Unirabbit' s *secret* Fried Squirrel Recipe is "One Demon Squirrel, some
flour, salt and pepper, and lots of boiling oil.  The rest kind of speaks for

PPS:  Actually, that's just a decoy recipe, to throw you off the track. Or is

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?