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Re: T-Shirt Mania!!!!(etc.)

1st off:  I tried to send an e-mail to Azamin and it got rejected twice. 
I've been sending him messages all the time, including earlier today.  What
gives e-mail experts?  

TGD Wrote:
> H > "Some tiny little ad in a 'Fanzine' from the '70's."  
> M >  "Nope, that wasn't me".  
> H > "is your name RUBEN?".
> Now, is that a coinkydink or what?  Our resident Master Sergiographer has
> counterpart in NYC. 

Creepy Deepy!  Dan, track this guy down!  

> On a similar note, I am afraid the Dessesbo bug may bite me.  I'm getting
> further & further from Sergio's work on Groo.  I may soon start craving
> issue of MAD he ever worked on, which is OK because my MAD collection
> up half my room.  I don't want to end up like someone we know with the
> Gary Grossman.  How do I stop myself? [Just so you know, I collected MAD
> before I ever heard of Sergio or Groo, because it was funny.]

OK, now hold on there. Ruben, Mike Slaughbaugh, and some guy he knows in
Tennessee are more into everything Sergio than I am, at least as far as
cataloguing and/or collecting it.  And Mike and MAD-Andy and a whole bunch
of folks are a lot more into MAD than I could ever be.  The only way I can
get away with being as wacked out about Groo as I am is because that's all
I do.  If I expanded my hobby I'd go broke, lose my job, and probably
(justifiably) get thrown out of the house!  

> Groop Guys:  How rare are these T-shirts?  Are they the 'normal' kind
> were produced during Groo's issuance?

T-Shirts:  There are 9 Groo T-Shirts that I know of.  Only 4 were "Mass
Market" and only one of those is still available through Grapphitti
Designs.  The other three are unearthed occassionally at a shop.  But they
are rather rare.  In addition, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund T-Shirt
that has the Groo and the Thought Patrol drawing on it is always available
for a $20 donation. 

In addition to these 5, there has been the Groo Game T-Shirt, a 1996 San
Diego Comic Con Volunteer Groo T-Shirt, a 1985 Charlotte N.C. Heroes
Convention Groo/Cerebus T-Shirt, and now the Malaysian Groo T-Shirt.  The
first 3 are extremely rare. (So is the 4th one, but thanks to Azamin, we
can get it!) I have heard rumors of another Groo/Cerebus Convention
T-Shirt, but have not been able to confirm anything. 

I can give you more details about the shirts if you want them. But for now
suffice to say that of the 9, three are currently available while the other
6 are a very hard find indeed.   

take care all -Gary "Who MAY have the Heroes Convention T-Shirt soon"