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My trip to the Sun office.

Hi ,

yesterday I went to the Sun office to buy those Groo T shirts. They
thought I want to buy those T shirts for my company since it is in huge
quantity (25 shirts).  They're surprised  after I told them that it is
for my friends around the world. Initially those T shirts were printed
only for their staffs during Sergio Aragone's visit to Malaysia.  Then
since they want to clear their store, they sell those T shirts to their
staffs for RM10.00.  The shirts are not for sale in the open market or
even in the comics book stores in Malaysia.  They also surprised that I
as an outsider of their company knew about it.. I knew about these T
shirts when I went to their office to buy Groo reprints for Gary.  I saw
the T shirts posters and I bought 2 shirts before I posted news about it
in groop mailing list.  ( I submitted the request letter to buy the
reprints to their head of librarian.  I'm waiting for their approval to
buy those reprints)   I'll buy more t shirts in my next trip to their
office (to buy gary's reprints) in these incoming 2 weeks as there are
some persons who are in the waiting list as those 25 shirts are
sold/booked.  I hope you'll can wait as you have to pay when the shirts
are available for you.  So I'll send those T shirts to those who have
paid on this Thursday/friday. If you've paid,, please inform me so that
I can mail your shirts.

ps.  Gary - I'm still waiting for the Sun to call me about the reprints.