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Re: Can you wait for the Malaysian Groo T shirt

Dieter Opfer wrote:

> By the way...how much are Garry's reprints costing him and are there any
> more available? I'd be interested in a complete set if the price is right.
> Dieter :)#
> Azamin "Cantona" Zainol Abidin wrote:

hey, you're joining Gary's bandwagon.  The cost? I still don't know as I still
don't know the exect past reprint issues.   They are still printingit every
Sunday and 1 The Sun Sunday edition newspaper cost me RM1.00 (US$0.27).
Actually the only complete set is with the one who bought The Sun newspaper
every Sunday (not missed for even  1 Sunday) since 1994/1995.  The Sun
newspaper themselves didn' have all available  as they already convert some
into microfilm, I believe.  The issue that I cannot buy will be photocopied by
the Sun newspaper.  The reprint is just the reprint of the Groo comic, 2 pages
of Groo comic a week (only on Sunday).  The only near complete collection
(including the phtocopied ones) will be Gary's (after if I manaage to buy
them).  Even I will not have the complet collection as I only like the
original Groo comic book. ( I exchaange these reprints with Groo back issues
that I still don't have).  (I started to collect Groo in 1990 and it is hard
to find old comic book in Malaysia as there not many comic fanaatics in
Malaysia - even if there are any comic fanatics, they don't want to part with
their collection).  My Groo collection are in various condition, some are in
good/excellent, some in not so good.  But I like to read it not just to store
it in mint condition.  (since I'll not sell it, why should I keep in in the
mint condition.  I just want to read it from time to time))

So to answer your second question, it is NO, it is NOT POSSIBLE.   Even Gary's
malaysian reprint collection is not 100% perfect, I guess, but I'm still
working on it (since some may be missing in their library but I hope Gary will
get it all reprints including the photocopied one).  .  You should be proud
Gary, as the sole, proud owner of the near complete collection of  the
Malaysian Groo reprints.