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Re: HoM Bios

>Nickname: (if you have one.)
>Real Name: (if you have one)
>One liner: (we all have our little trademarks.. "dessesbo" etc.)
>Location:(if you live somewhere on this planet)
>e-mail:(obviously you have one.)
>Links:(got a home page?)
>Bio:  (a few sentences about your best known exploits w/ the groop, or

Well, here's my 2 cents:

Add an ICQ # or some sort of Instant Messanger # so we can contact these
Groo-ish freaks! (Many a people just contact me this was for information.)

My personal choice -> Add your ebay name!!!!! So I know whether or not to
outbid you or not!!!!! >:-)

Shane Clarke
Dr. Clarke - a.k.a. SAC
"Can you back your smack?"
If so check it out?
Next Party - T.B.D.