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Re: HoM Bios

Do you want us to send this now? or later?

Love, from


Nate Piekos wrote:

> Sheesh it's quiet around here this morning.  OK...
> I need ideas for what I should include in the HoM bios.  Here's how it;s
> gonna go.... I'm gonna send a "fill in the blanks" for to the groop soon.
> Anyone who wants to be listed in the Bios section should fill it out and
> return it to me.  (I will ask for pictures later.) So far here's what I
> want to include in each bio:
> Nickname: (if you have one.)
> Real Name: (if you have one)
> One liner: (we all have our little trademarks.. "dessesbo" etc.)
> Location:(if you live somewhere on this planet)
> e-mail:(obviously you have one.)
> Links:(got a home page?)
> Bio:  (a few sentences about your best known exploits w/ the groop, or
> whatever...)
> Also, I'd like to have a few wacky things like...
> If I could spend a day in GROO's world, I'd...:
> Ideas? Anyone?
> ~Nate P.
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