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Hall of Mendicants

I have a few suggestions and/or comments:

I like the eBay id posting idea, 'cuz you gotta know who you're friends are!
For some reason I can't get to www.groothewanderer.com.  (I'm using AOL, which
may be the problem) but it says Unknown Host.  That may be something to check.

Something else to be included:

Most prized Groo possession: (be it the entire run of comics, the statue,

How many times you have Grooed in the past year: ('cuz if it were your whole
life, I don't think any of us could count that high  :D   

Level of DESSESBOness: (1(low) to 10(Gary))

That's all I can think of,

Jacob S. -- who needs to think of a nickname