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I dunno, something idle

Old Business:

As to the HoM Bios, I think we should list our favorite issues of Groo, cheesy
I know, but kinda philosophic.  (Mine's Marvel/Epic #112)

Business You Thought You'd Heard the First & Last of:

I'm'a workin' on the Groo Mugs, all the live long day.....  What kind of
graphics should we have on 'em?  Should we have the same pictures as the
Groopads to avoid clash?  It might be nice to have a matched set.  I think
however, new pictures should be chosen.  I warn you, there will most likley be
one of Sergio's goats somewhere on the mug.  I think those are the coolest
looking things! (I worry that I have a fetish).


-PS: Would one of Sergio's goats be called a SerGoat or a AraGoat?
PS:  Love from The Phantom Meatball!

Hey!  Did you know there's meat in these things?