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Re: M.E. Article in CBM #67(w/Groo)

On Wed, 17 Mar 1999 18:36:33 -0800, "The Grossmanns"
<grossfam@olywa.net> wrote:

>OK, the Sergio drawing on page 26-27 in the Comics Market Place #67, March
>1999, (It takes up all of one page and part of another)  of Mark at his
>computer surrounded by many of the cartoon characters he has written for is
>dated 1994.  That means it was either done for and given to Mark in 1994
>and this is the first time its been published OR, and far more likely, it
>was published somewhere else in 1994 or early 1995.   
>Mark!  Any clue?  

ME: Yeah...it was done for something else.  And I can't think what.

Sergio will be here tomorrow night.  I'll try to remember to ask him
if he recalls.
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