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Re: I dunno, something idle

DanielBron@aol.com wrote:
> Business You Thought You'd Heard the First & Last of:
> I'm'a workin' on the Groo Mugs, all the live long day.....  What kind of
> graphics should we have on 'em?  Should we have the same pictures as the
> Groopads to avoid clash?  It might be nice to have a matched set.  I think
> however, new pictures should be chosen.  I warn you, there will most likley be
> one of Sergio's goats somewhere on the mug.  I think those are the coolest
> looking things! (I worry that I have a fetish).

It's probably just me but I think that we should just do one groop
project at a time. I mean it's just great that mark and sergio allowed
us to make the groopads and all, but maybe 2 groop exclusive items at
the same time is just too much.